SAFE Network School

The SAFE Network is a rethinking of Internet design with Privacy, Security and Freedom built in. Each class in the SAFE Network School takes a section of the wiki documentation and goes deeper and wider on the subject, so that anybody who applies themselves can get a pretty good idea of how it accomplishes its goals.

The Simpleton bangs his head against the intricacies of the technology until simplicities fall out, so you don’t have to. Companion materials include the system materials of the SAFE Network Wiki and Glossary. We recommend that you cycle through the classes a few times. This is the place to go if you want the fast track to the big picture, even if you are a geek!

PLEASE NOTE: Since the time this podcast series was produced, MaidSafe has deprecated the Wiki and Glossary. The links above are from the Internet Archive and are provided as contemporaneous reference used when the podcasts were made. While some aspects represented in these materials have evolved with implementation, the Wiki and these podcasts still provide a valid and useful view of the overall design of the SAFE Network.

Class I, SAFE Network School

Your host will be reading the wiki aloud, stopping to comment, cross-reference, look up glossary and other definitions, and generally working through the basics of the SAFE Network making them as accessible as possible. You’ll get to see where the Simpleton has outstanding question, too, because I’ll be open as we explore this together.

Class II, Going Deeper

Class II of the SAFE Network School takes us deeper. We probe down and start to pull apart the great intricacy of the SAFE Network by closely examining the key elements that make it work. But not too fast or overwhelmingly. You’ll be surprised how understandable it is when guided by a Simpleton who has already done most of the brain-warping exploration, so that you don’t have to warp YOUR head so much.

Class III, Deep and Wide

In Class III of the SAFE Network School we break down some of the underlying computer technology needed to get a better grip on why the SAFE Network can do what it is designed to do. We take a closer look at the Vault structure and get an understanding of what a distributed hash table is about, and much more. Find out what David Irvine has to say about how to go about understanding the technology of the SAFE Network, from his years of experience telling others about it.

Class IV, Reaching Bedrock

In Class IV of the SAFE Network School we get down to bedrock on one of the most important aspects of the SAFE Network. We have loads of fun, actually. It’s back to school for sure, but also has a bright gem of entertainment to help bring the lesson home.

With this material we are able to get our feet on solid ground on not only how the network organizes and administers so many intricate actions, but we see the foundations of the very different, but very powerful method of establishing consensus and truth within the SAFE Network.

Class V, Connecting All

Class V of the School of the SAFE Network brings clarity on another component of the SAFE Network configuration which is critical to the autonomous functioning of the network.

We explore some of the problems and solutions of peer-to-peer networking, and explore some of the key terminology necessary to communicating about it.

Class VI, Autonomous, Really?

In Class VI of SAFE Network School, we round out a deeper view of the remaining component factors necessary to establishing and maintaining the SAFE Network as an autonomous entity.

Class VII, No 3rd Party Needed

Class VII of the School of the SAFE Network takes us to the realm of Self-Authentication, something else new to the world which will first appear with the SAFE Network, but will certainly become a standard for those who wish to have true control over their data and electronic relationships.

It is all about you and the network. That’s all. No “trusted” authority or administrator required. No fine print user agreements, wherein you agree to give the service provider access or privileges regarding your private data.

Class VIII, The Parts of the Heart

First off its some Simpleton perspective on the Safe Exchange, followed by answering some listener questions.

Then it’s full bore into Class VIII of the SAFE Network School, examining the key persona types and functions in the Vaults that form the heart of the SAFE Network. This one may be a bit of brain work, but it’s worth it.

Class IX, Let’s Grok Safecoin

Having explored the SAFE Network from end to end through our School series so far, in this Class we are finally ready let safecoin help spread our senses out through the SAFE Network as a whole. We can now begin to grok SAFE in fullness.

Now can we embrace some key aspects of the network that we’ve not yet been able to fully appreciate. We clarify and break down the types of data on the SAFE Network and start of get a grip on what can be done with them. We follow the life cycle of a safecoin and define clearly what a safecoin actually IS.

Class X, Graduation Review, All Invited

Come one, come all, to the last planned class of the SAFE Network School.

We do a high-level overview of what we know about the SAFE Network in a way that even parents, friends and family of the proud graduates will be warmed with what they learn, and be proud of those who have worked so hard to get closer to the bare metal of this elegant technology.

Graduates will be reminded of all that they have learned by noting the intricate details that have been artfully avoided in this presentation for broad consumption. This is your graduation test, students.