Creating and maintaining this site and the content is a blast, but it takes a lot of time–as well as straight out expense for domain, hosting, equipment, etc.–to get and keep it going.

If so moved, any contribution you wish to make would be really appreciated.



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Correspondents and Content Contributors Welcome

Having a forum to talk about and share my interests in the SAFE Network is great and I love it, but there’s plenty of action to share. For anyone who would like to contribute content to this site, be it an article, podcast, video or whatever you think might fit the theme and purpose, please send an email to If it’s ready to go, just send or link it. If you wish to discuss it first, this can certainly be arranged.

I can work with you as an editor for written copy. I can incorporate audio news or interview segments into the title podcast, or post it under a separate title. I’m open to whatever ideas might forward the Purpose of this site. This is too much fun not to share, so if you have the desire, let’s see where it goes. We’ll be building the reach of this site and its content consistently, so it should be a great place to get your output consumed, especially as the SAFE Network catches hold and begins to expand in use.

The proprietor retains full and sole discretion as to what is or is not posted on this site, based on his own judgement of what is appropriate. Content contributed does not entitle its creator to any compensation beyond being considered for distribution via this site and publication here if found suitable, though it will not be used otherwise without the creator’s explicit permission.

Everything published on this site, except as otherwise attributed, is copyleft. See link for info on what that means.

If you wish for your contribution to be handled differently, let me know in advance. Anything not explicitly agreed otherwise will be issued copyleft.


My purpose for establishing this site is to provide an additional platform to inform, interest, foster and expand the community surrounding the SAFE Network, and to be an on-ramp for network users (hopefully just one of many such on-ramps).

Besides all that, it’s just plain fun!

While I intend to maintain ultimate control of the site for the time being, it is hoped that other’s might find it an outlet for their own creative urges in the same direction and make submissions for inclusion here.

The broader purpose is the same as that of the SAFE Network itself: to make it possible for everyone to have secure access to an internet system which fosters privacy, security and freedom in its basic design. If this can be accomplished in any real measure, it is a really, really big deal. From all I’ve been able to determine, the prospects look very, very good. But even if we somehow fail to make it this time, the purpose is worthy and should be pursued until it IS achieved, because it certainly can be. Just pursuing such a purpose makes living more vital.