Welcome to the new Internet, where Privacy, Security and Freedom are default settings.

This site is the home of the first community podcast/blog/news outlet dedicated exclusively to the technology, applications, ideas, people and news surrounding the SAFE Network, the first completely grass-roots internet with Secure Access For Everyone, where Privacy, Security and Freedom are native to the network design.

Your host and proprietor is John Ferguson, the self-dubbed Simpleton of SAFE, because sometimes it takes a simpleton to ask the right questions. After all, we can’t all be geeks.

We’re convinced that the SAFE Network is going to make a huge splash in the world, and we’re anxious to get as many people on board as possible from the start. By all means, if you haven’t done so yet, listen to the first podcast. It’s designed to put everyone on the road together, new or old.

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Welcome to the first episode of the podcast at the Crossroads of the SAFE Network. The SAFE Network is the first truly grassroots Internet with Secure Access For Everyone, where Privacy, Security and Freedom are the defaults.

It’s coming fast! Listen in and get ahead of the curve!

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SAFE Network School

The SAFE Network is a rethinking of Internet design with Privacy, Security and Freedom built in. Each class in the SAFE Network School takes a section of the wiki documentation and goes deeper and wider on the subject, so that anybody who applies themselves can get a pretty good idea of how it accomplishes its goals.

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We highly recommend visiting the following websites: safenetwork.tech, safenetwork.org, maidsafe.net and safenetforum.org.