Episode 22 - Class V, Connecting All

Class V of the School of the SAFE Network brings clarity on another component of the SAFE Network configuration which is critical to the autonomous functioning of the network.

We explore some of the problems and solutions of peer-to-peer networking, and explore some of the key terminology necessary to communicating about it.

We really only scratch the surface enough to better understand what the SAFE Network needs to accomplish to operate properly, but the miracles regularly performed all the time in providing us all with the connectivity we’ve come to expect become more appreciated in view of an understanding of the wild and amorphous Internet environment.

We have a talk with Peter Jankuliak, lead maintainer of the SAFE Network connection library, on topics related to today’s class, and progress on the current technical sprint.

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Music for this episode: Arrivals, and Magic Words, original pieces, composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes

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