• Episode 9 - The SAFE Network Is For People

    In this episode we talk to two Project SAFE Community members, James Lindsey and David McCauley, about their involvement in the project and why they are passionate to see it carried through into operation.

  • Episode 8 - Perspectives on Africa, Nhial Majok

    Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Nhial Majok, a Project SAFE member who is a system administrator for backup and storage with IBM Australia. He reached out recently to share some insights on the impact of Bitcoin and the SAFE Network on his home continent of Africa.

  • Episode 7 - A Different Perspective, Chris Tipper

    In March of this year, an unexpected type of post appeared on the SAFE Network community forum. It was from a teacher with a very unique take on what is being undertaken in Project SAFE, and the effect it was having on a lot of students. This is a very refreshing look to the future, and a shining example...

  • Episode 6 - OFFICIAL UPDATE from MaidSafe

    Today we’re excited to share an interview and update from Nick Lambert, Chief Operating Officer of MaidSafe. A whole lot has been happening in the last few months, and it’s the kind of news a lot of people have been waiting to hear. This is the first “official update” from the MaidSafe team in a long while. Read the full...

  • Episode 5 - Tim Coomber on the New Renaissance

    We are delighted to present a recap of important aspects of the SAFE Network ecosystem and why they are important, followed by a great interview with Tim Coomber of Scotland, one of the hosts of the LIFE IS PEOPLE videocast on Google Hangouts/Youtube. We explore the subject of how the SAFE Network–through the application N99 (Network 99)–will allow content creators...