Episode 14 - Max Hernandez, A Frontier on Every Doorstep

Your host and Max Hernandez, author of Thieves Emporium, take time to explore the new frontier, the electronic frontier, where people have new choices. We cover aspect of this gripping and educational tale, and then turn to utilize Max’s knowledge and experience to examine the potential effects of the SAFE Network and similar technologies on the shape and form of civilization, and the experiences of individuals faced with different choices and new possibilities for navigating their way through life.

You’ll also find out how to read the book for free, or purchase it if you wish to contribute to Max’s work.

This is a definite no miss episode.

Thanks to John Barrett, host of Bitcoins and Gravy, for breaking ground for this with his previous interviews with Max. His episodes, linked below, are well worth listening to again, or for the first time, because we cover a lot of different ground here.

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Music for this episode: Arrival and Magic Words, original pieces, composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes