• Episode 6 - OFFICIAL UPDATE from MaidSafe

    Today we’re excited to share an interview and update from Nick Lambert, Chief Operating Officer of MaidSafe. A whole lot has been happening in the last few months, and it’s the kind of news a lot of people have been waiting to hear. This is the first “official update” from the MaidSafe team in a long while. Read the full...

  • Episode 5 - Tim Coomber on the New Renaissance

    We are delighted to present a recap of important aspects of the SAFE Network ecosystem and why they are important, followed by a great interview with Tim Coomber of Scotland, one of the hosts of the LIFE IS PEOPLE videocast on Google Hangouts/Youtube. We explore the subject of how the SAFE Network–through the application N99 (Network 99)–will allow content creators...

  • Theme Music Rotation, Open to Project SAFE Musicians

    The SAFE Crossroads Podcast is now accepting submissions for intro/outro and bridge music for use on a rotating basis on the podcast. If used, the artist(s) will receive attribution both verbally on the podcast and in all show notes.

    Additionally, proportional to the use, when music is used on a podcast, the artist will receive a percentage of the LTBcoin...

  • The Simpleton on LIFE IS PEOPLE

    Great discussion of many things, including the philosophy underlying the SAFE Network and why it will improve the technical scene in general, and much more.

    Check it out here.

  • Daniel Dabek Shows First Visuals of SAFE Exchange

    Very apropos of the last post, this one deals with a very cool interview with Daniel on the LIFE IS PEOPLE google hangout here.

    Great discussion overall, but right at the beginning is a great demo of some of the visuals that Infinity Algorithms is cooking up for the SAFE Network environment.