• Episode 47 - Resource Description Framework, SOLID and SAFE

    Simpleton says, “We go a bit geeky on this one, but in a way that should be very accessible to most anyone.”

    Our guests on this episode are Josh Wilson and Gabriel Viganotti. Both are front-end developers for MaidSafe, working with Resource Description Framework (RDF) in a number of forms, to enhance the uses of the SAFE Network.

    We really...

  • Episode 46 - Connection Needs of an Autonomous Network, with Spandan Sharma

    Our guest today is Spandan Sharma from MaidSafe. We go over the results of the second community testing of Crust, the automated peer-to-peer connection library being developed by MaidSafe for the SAFE Network, and available for open source use by other P2P projects as they find useful.

    In looking at all that the upper network layer needs the Crust connection...

  • Episode 45 - Approaches to Alpha 3, with Nikita Baksalyar

    In this episode we catch up on some of the things that have been going on in SAFE Network development, where it’s been and what’s coming down the line now, including the roll out of public testing of the automated peer-to-peer connection library, Crust (standing for “Connected” “Rust”).

    How do you ensure all the nodes of an ever-morphing P2P network...

  • Episode 44 - PARSEC Consensus Code Release, with Bartłomiej Kamiński

    In late May, MaidSafe released the whitepaper for PARSEC (Protocol for Asynchronous, Reliable, Secure and Efficient Consensus).

    This week MaidSafe published the open source code for implementing PARSEC so that it can be used by any other projects which would find it suits their needs.

    This episode, we talk to Bartłomiej Kamiński, a developer who works on the MaidSafe team...