Episode 48 - A Reintroduction and Update on the SAFE Network, with Dug Campbell

I’ve been wanting to do an overview of the SAFE Network for some time, as a sort of new introduction, an update on where the project has currently gotten to, and a view of what’s ahead.

Dug Campbell from MaidSafe helps me try to accomplish this, because I found it really hard to do by myself! Dug has gained a lot of experience talking about the SAFE Network with a wide variety of different people in varying circumstances. He also, being based there in MaidSafe headquarters, has continual access to the heart of the team.

I hope a broad variety of listeners will find this episode interesting and useful, from those with little tech experience, to developers.


Music for this episode: Safe Crossroads Beta, an original piece composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes


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