• The Simpleton on LIFE IS PEOPLE

    Great discussion of many things, including the philosophy underlying the SAFE Network and why it will improve the technical scene in general, and much more.

    Check it out here.

  • Daniel Dabek Shows First Visuals of SAFE Exchange

    Very apropos of the last post, this one deals with a very cool interview with Daniel on the LIFE IS PEOPLE google hangout here.

    Great discussion overall, but right at the beginning is a great demo of some of the visuals that Infinity Algorithms is cooking up for the SAFE Network environment.

  • The LIFE IS PEOPLE videocast

    Wow, was I surprised to be contacted by Tim Coomber from the Highlands of Scotland and absorb what he had to tell me. After a couple emails back and forth here is what he sent me to post for SAFE Crossroads consumption:

    LIFE IS PEOPLE is a video podcast run through Google Hangout where host Tim Coomber (Artist/Writer/Poet) of...

  • Episode 4 - Ben Bollen Talks Dessert, and Rust on Bare Metal

    This episode, we are delighted to have an interview with MaidSafe Core Developer, Benjamin Bollen, starting with topics of basic technology and working our way to why the team decided to adopt a new programming language of MaidSafe technology so late in the game. There are lots of exciting ramifications of this.

  • Episode 3 - Simpleton Meets Ernest Hancock

    I was recently invited to appear on Declare Your Independence, with Ernest Hancock. From my observations an interview with Ernie is almost always a pretty wild ride, but we survived it. We had fun and I think you’ll find it interesting.