The LIFE IS PEOPLE videocast

Wow, was I surprised to be contacted by Tim Coomber from the Highlands of Scotland and absorb what he had to tell me. After a couple emails back and forth here is what he sent me to post for SAFE Crossroads consumption:

LIFE IS PEOPLE is a video podcast run through Google Hangout where host Tim Coomber (Artist/Writer/Poet) of Scotland and co-host R.W. Martin (Filmmaker/Rapper-Producer/Writer) from Ohio, USA weave an open forum style interview session with some of today’s rising artists, performers, producers, and free thinkers from all over the world. The open forum style was an idea borrowed from famed comedian Bill Hicks and the name - LIFE IS PEOPLE - was inspired by a song by Bill Fay.

We are supporters of the MaidSafe Network - “a fully decentralized platform on which application developers can build decentralized applications” - and fly the banner of N99 (Network 99) - “the community for all those who want to interchange and network in a secure and constructive way without effect or control of government and economy and without saving and circulation of member data.”

In a sense, we gather smart, creative, hard-working, open-minded people in a room and just let them talk about anything and everything ranging from philosophy to politics to religion to art, music, drawing, film, performing live, community, respect, love, empathy, the past, the future, robots, science, metaphysics, ufo’s, conspiracies, jokes, life stories, space, and so on and so forth. If you have the time, just give it a shot. :)

There are forty-three 1 1/2 to 2 hour episodes into the LIFE IS PEOPLE youtube videocast! Something like 90 hours of content, I’m told, with lots of guests, including Nick Lambert, and many other great people.

Here are the links for episode #1 (September 28, 2014) and episode #43 (May 25, 2015). Wander and find what you enjoy. There’s a lot of interesting stuff there. I also bet they’d love for you to join them. I plan to!

Also, the N99 site here is a great statement of purpose that I just can’t do justice by trying to summarize it here. Go look. It’s inspiring.