• Episode 11 - Francis Brunelle, Community in Action

    First off we start this episode with several pieces very encouraging news from the MaidSafe development team.

    Then we have a chat with one of the most active Project SAFE community members, Francis Brunelle, from Montreal, Canada. Francis hosts the largest SAFE Network meet-up in the world and is extremely active pursuing various projects related to forwarding the SAFE Network,...

  • The Decentralization Itch

    [See below for an audio version, read by the author. And don’t overlook the Postscript.]

    Decentralization. The buzzword of our times.

    Increasing numbers and types of people are possessed of an elusive, but very real, visceral “itch” tied to the concept of decentralization. It’s hard to tell if the itch is caused by the concept or if the concept is...

  • Episode 9 - The SAFE Network Is For People

    In this episode we talk to two Project SAFE Community members, James Lindsey and David McCauley, about their involvement in the project and why they are passionate to see it carried through into operation.

  • Episode 8 - Perspectives on Africa, Nhial Majok

    Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Nhial Majok, a Project SAFE member who is a system administrator for backup and storage with IBM Australia. He reached out recently to share some insights on the impact of Bitcoin and the SAFE Network on his home continent of Africa.