• Episode 28 - Class IX, Let's Grok Safecoin

    grok [Martian] literally meaning “to drink” but taken to mean “to understand at a deep, intuitive level.” (from the novel Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein, a story about a human raised by Martians)

    Having explored the SAFE Network from end to end through our School series so far, in this Class we are finally ready let safecoin...

  • SAFE Crossroads Host, on Crypto Gossip

    Peter Robertson is one of the hosts of Crypto Gossip, a regular podcast out of Melbourne. Recently, with a new sub-theme show called CryptoGoss, One-on-One, he took some time to scratch under the surface and find out a bit more about me, John Ferguson, the Simpleton of Project SAFE.

  • Episode 27 - Class VIII, The Parts of the Heart

    First off its some Simpleton perspective on the Safe Exchange, followed by answering some listener questions.

    Then it’s full bore into Class VIII of the SAFE Network School, examining the key persona types and functions in the Vaults that form the heart of the SAFE Network. This one may be a bit of brain work, but it’s worth it.

  • Episode 26 - Free Trade for Real, The Safe Exchange

    History in the making. Exaggeration? You be the judge. This last week Daniel Dabek announced the release of the whitepaper on the new Safe Exchange. More than just a protocol, it is the core tool kit necessary to establish a decentralized contract marketplace, via which anyone will be capable of exchanging with anyone, anywhere, according to prearranged contractual conditions.

  • Episode 25 - App Time

    We take an aside from the SAFE Network School this week due to time constraints. But we do take a bit of time to visit with Francis Brunelle from the Montreal SAFE Pod and get some insights about app development on the SAFE Network. The doors are open to those who are ready to start making meaningful apps for the...