• Episode 31 - Harmen Klink

    We’re back again with Harmen Klink, talking about further innovations on the Decorum decentralized forum and social connection protocol. We talk about a web of trust function which will make the protocol very handy at evaluating one’s connections and resisting unwanted connections. Also we talk about the Project Decorum crowdsale, and the value proposition behind it. And much more.

  • Episode 30 - Decorum and SAFE Altcoins

    Great news about the progress of the SAFE Network and imminent release of a Minimum Viable Product, then an interview with Harmen Klink, the developer of the Decorum (Decentralized forum) protocol, which will enable fully functional and flexible implementations for comments sections, forums, and so forth, on the decentralized SAFE Network.

  • Episode 29 - Class X, Graduation Review, All Invited

    Come one, come all, to the last planned class of the SAFE Network School.

    We do a high-level overview of what we know about the SAFE Network in a way that even parents, friends and family of the proud graduates will be warmed with what they learn, and be proud of those who have worked so hard to get closer...

  • Episode 28 - Class IX, Let's Grok Safecoin

    grok [Martian] literally meaning “to drink” but taken to mean “to understand at a deep, intuitive level.” (from the novel Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein, a story about a human raised by Martians)

    Having explored the SAFE Network from end to end through our School series so far, in this Class we are finally ready let safecoin...

  • SAFE Crossroads Host, on Crypto Gossip

    Peter Robertson is one of the hosts of Crypto Gossip, a regular podcast out of Melbourne. Recently, with a new sub-theme show called CryptoGoss, One-on-One, he took some time to scratch under the surface and find out a bit more about me, John Ferguson, the Simpleton of Project SAFE.