• Episode 40 - The SAFE Network Primer

    The main problems in talking about the SAFE Network are understanding (1) the enormous scope of the project, (2) the various specific innovations it represents, (3) how those innovations interrelate in the overall system, and (4) why the approach is fundamentally different than pretty much anything else that is being attempted.

    Regardless of the technical level of the enquirer, Project...

  • Episode 39 - More on SAFE Apps, with Gabriel Viganotti

    The SAFE Network is a huge software infrastructure project which is currently in Alpha 2, a network of distributed nodes, hosted on cloud servers for MaidSafe as the many intricacies of the architecture are fine tuned. A future iteration will return to nodes hosted by external participants at home, but Alpha 2 exposes a stable set of interfaces which developers...

  • Episode 38 - Event Sourcing on the SAFE Network

    With the SAFE Network Alpha 2 release progressing forward with interfaces stabilizing, and a stable network to test against, application developers are starting to see and begin exploiting what is possible with such a network when it is ultimately in place.

    Today we have a very interesting talk with Edward Holst, Software Architect and Lead Developer for a small fintech...

  • Episode 37 - SAFE Network, Alpha 2 Release, with Mobile

    Nick Lambert joins us with to talk about the new Alpha 2 network just released by MaidSafe, as well as other aspects of the network development and what differentiates what MaidSafe is developing from all other existing projects.

  • Episode 36 - Nick Lambert, MaidSafe Update

    Nick Lambert joins us with an update on development progress and the milestones recently passed, and expectations for the near future, as well as MaidSafe activities around the world.